Suction & Irrigation System

The Endoscopic Solutions Laparoscopic Irrigation Suction Set is designed to meet all your minimally invasive surgical needs. It allows for the simple and effective irrigation and aspiration of fluids within the abdominal cavity.

The smoothly contoured hand piece fits comfortably in the hand, allowing surgeons to operate suction or irrigation effortlessly. The colour coded buttons allow the surgeon to operate without taking attention away from the surgical site

  • This disposable instrument is convenient, leak free and requires no maintenance
  • Matt shaft eliminates operative glare
  • Colour coded buttons for easy identification
  • Ergonomic hand-piece ensures surgeon comfort and control
  • Set comes standard with 5mm disposable tip. 8mm reusable tip can be supplied for cases of excessive bleeding
  • Rigid tubing to prevent collapse or occlusion
  • Available in both trumpet and pistol handles to satisfy any surgeon’s preference
  • Available in retractable electrode setup with L-hook. Electrosurgical activation buttons on the handle for a seamless operating experience



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