Titanium Clip Applier

The Endoscopic Solutions single use endoscopic multiple clip applier is intended for use on tubular structures or vessels wherever a metal ligating clip is indicated. The applier contains 20x 10mm titanium clips.

The appliers are designed for introduction and use through all appropriately sized trocar sleeves.

  • Convenience: 340mm shaft, the longest working shaft length in the 10mm clip applier market, provides improved access to structures in larger patients without changing to another trocar site.
  • Protection: The Endoscopic Solutions clip applier features a clear shaft, which allows visibility of the remaining clips. It also features a yellow bar which appears at the jaw when the applier is nearly empty. The safety interlock prevents damage to tissue by preventing jaw closure when the instrument is empty.
  • Anti-Clip drop system: Thanks to the mechanical structure of the clip applier, it allows partial closing and release of clips without dropping from the jaw.
  • Ergonomic grip design: Ergonomic and comfortable grip design, including 360 rotation knob/shaft allows easy rotation and one-handed use.



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