Balloon Dilatation Catheter & Pumps

Disposable balloon dilation pump: Our disposable balloon dilation pump is designed for pressurizing and deflating of blood vessel moulding balloons or other interventional medical apparatus and instruments to measure intra-balloon pressure for correct dilation.

Digital Inflation Device
  • High resolution display to enhance visibility of critical figures
  • Automatic timer and Intelligent memory to record and recall prior inflation information
  • Stable performance and easy manipulation
Mechanical Inflation Device
  • Quick trigger release to increase patient safety
  • Ergonomic grip design fits comfortably in either hand
  • Stable performance and easy manipulation

Disposable Balloon Dilatation Catheter: This product used to dilate structures of the biliary duct and the alimentary tract.

Excellent Deliverability
  • Soft and tapered tip allows less invasive advancement across the stricture
  • Low-profile design reduces resistance and increase crushability and trackability
Optimized Balloon Design
  • The balloon component is designed to offer stability during stricture dilation
  • Semi-compliant material engineered to adapt to biliary duct
Operational Efficiency
  • Facilitate placement within tight strictures and tortuous anatomy
  • Optimized balloon deflation time



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