Clip Appliers

Endoscopic Solutions offer a full range of polymer clips and clip appliers in 3 different sizes as well as accompanying clip removers. Clip appliers are designed for effortless clip loading while providing secure fitment of clips on vessels. Lateral clip slippage is also greatly reduced.

We also supply titanium clips which are non-absorbable, inert, non-toxic and well tolerated by the human body. The flexible design of the arms and the interlocking closure allows an optimal fit on the vessels. Integrated teeth insure greater stability and prevents slippage on tissue. All our clips are CE and FDA approved.

  • Available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Non-absorbable clips to be used on a large spectrum of tissue sizes
  • Jaws activated by front handle for better stability
  • 360° shaft rotation by index finger allows one-handed operation
  • Flushing port facilitates easy cleaning
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Colour coded appliers correspond to appropriate clips for easy selection
  • Compatible with corresponding sizes of polymer absorbable clips



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