Endoscopic Solutions has a comprehensive range of ergonomically designed trocars, providing simple and safe access for all your laparoscopic needs. Available in in wide range of sizes and lengths. Access you can rely on at an incredible price!

  • Auto locking head, decreases energy required to keep obturator and cannula attached during introduction
  • Extremely easy cap removal for specimen retrieval and deflation of abdomen post operatively. The 5mm is designed with the valve attached to the head for rapid post-operative deflation and easy specimen retrieval
  • Specifically designed quad valve, reduces resistance with the use of hand instruments
  • Ergonomic handle helps surgeon with the insertion of trocars
  • Cannula threading designed to assist with low insertion/ extraction force
  • Optical tip allows direct visualisation of the abdominal wall layers as the trocar is inserted, reducing the risk of trocar related injuries
Outer Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
3mm 55mm
5mm 55mm
5mm 100mm
10mm 100mm
12mm 100mm
15mm 100mm
Name Length (mm)
Chole Kit 1x 10mm trocar, 1x 10mm cannula, 1x 5mm trocar, 1x 5mm cannula
Gynae Kit 1x 10mm trocar, 1x 5mm trocar, 1x 5mm cannula
Diagnostic Kit 1x 10mm trocar and 1x 5mm trocar
Nissen Kit 1x 10mm Trocar and 4x 10mm cannula



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