Specimen Retrieval Bags

Our disposable Endoscopic Specimen Retrieving Bag is exceptionally strong and easy to use for safe and effective specimen retrieval. It is widely used in general surgery, endoscopic surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Surgical specimens may be placed in the specimen retrieval bag and be safely removed without contamination. Removing specimens fractionally is avoided which influences the integrity of specimens.

Simply gently push the handle and the Specimen Retrieving Bag unfolds automatically. After the handle is pushed, two strong, arc-shaped flexible metal support arms deploy and open Specimen Retrieving Bag.

  • Detailed identification on handle and internal bar for better recognition by surgeon
  • Specimen retrieving bag is made from coriaceous and tear proof materials
  • The flexible metal support arms form a double lateral arc-shape to keep the bag open without the assistance of extra instruments
  • Specimen Retrieving Bag membrane is soft and transparent
  • The bags are stringed to give the surgeon the option to detach handpiece completely from bag



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